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With over 32 years in the insurance business, I can provide you with the top carriers in the marketplace. I provide health, life, dental, disability, auto, homeowners, International health insurance, commercial lines coverage. Providing Services all over Texas. I look forward to helping you.

Legal Disclaimer

Insurance & Financial Services of Texas

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Once you receive your insurance contract, please read it over carefully. Confirm that it is the policy you applied for, and understand that once accepted, your premium payment for the first policy period may not be reimbursed if you change your mind. Please note that your contract is with the insurance carrier you contracted with, and there is no contract with Texas Choice Health, or its representatives. TCH is acting only as the agent where the contract exists between the carrier providing coverage and the agent.

Any of the carriers TCH utilizes can decline coverage, increase the premium at issue if the underwriting warrants the increase, exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, or attach riders or waivers excluding certain conditions.

TCH maintains this website accurately and regularly, but we are not responsible for incorrect information contained on this website.

TCH recommends strongly that an applicant never cancels an existing policy until the new policy has been approved and confirmed approved my the client. A new policy may have pre-existing condition limitations and additional requirement.

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